What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of a website. It is in the form of www.example.com

A domain name is a unique sequence of letters, numbers and hyphens, which identifies a computer or network device connected to the Internet. Domain names are used for locating and identifying resources on the Internet, such as computers, websites, and other devices.

Can you make money with a domain name & website

A wonderful way to generate money online is through a website and a great  domain name. They can be utilized for many different things, including a business, blog, or even an online store. Here are some uses for the domain ClassicMotorMagazine.com:

• Business directory website
• Membership website
• E-commerce Store
• Domain parking
• Website with Ad support
• Domain Investor
• Domain Flipper
• Email Services
• Cloud Services
• Domain Forwarder
• Personal Use

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Simple Math

Ad Support Website 

Ad-supported website. To learn more about the "Ad-supported website," click here. In most cases, ad-supported websites are a complementary source of income. In this scenario, we are going to use Adsense. Typically you'll get a 1% Click-through-rate. Let's say this website gets 1,000 views daily and $1.70 per click. Simple math now, 1,000 views at a 1% Click-through-rate, you'll get ten clicks. So 10 clicks at $1.70 per click, you made $17.00 per day. In a year, your total will be $6,250. 
1,000 x 1% = 10. 10 x $1.70=$17.00. $17.00 x 365 = $6,250. 


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